Leak and weight testers

Leak testers

  • Versions up to 16 heads
  • Versions for containers up to 30 L.
  • Productions up to 12.000 BpH (depending on version)
  • Weight control systems (static or dynamic)
  • Different data communication options via USB, ETHERNET or OPC memory

Visporo® Pro

  • High performance versions
  • Up to 16 heads
  • Servodriver control (mod. DYN)
  • Quick adjustment for format changeover
  • Capacities from 1 to 30L (depending on version)
  • Detection accuracy: 0,10 mm (1L. containers)
  • Chassis made of structural tube
  • Stainless steel version available
  • Versions with integrated weight control
  • 7” touch screen in all versions

Visporo® BS

  • Versions up to 2 static heads
  • Containers up to 5L.
  • Versatility in format changes
  • Head height adjustment by rotating handle (head and belt can be adjusted independently)
  • 7” touch screen
  • High detection accuracy

Visporo® AG

  • Compact leak tester with 1 static head
  • Very competitive price/performance ratio
  • Versatility in format changes
  • Containers up to 5L.
  • Head height adjustment by rotating handle (independent head and conveyor height adjustment)
  • Integrated touch screen

Weight control systems

  • Static weight control system model Visweight®
  • Dynamic weight control system model Visweight® DYN
  • For containers up to 30L (depending on version)
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